VUZEL specializes in modern fiber art for interiors with the spirit of nature, freedom and creativity. Our inspiration comes from nature, music and human history.


Knots (and «vuzel» is «knot» in Belarusian) symbolize strong connection between us

and our home, our family, our life-work. 


Helen and Sergiu Vershelovski were born in Belarus, a small country with beautiful yet difficult history. Belarusian nature and cultural heritage gives us so much energy to rethink the past in our modern pieces.





Who we are:

Helen is a fiber artist, interior stylist and set designer. She usually works in soft-minimalist, abstract and surrealist aesthetics.

Sergiu is an illustrator, designer and DJ. He plays metatempo music that takes you on a journey through slow house and mix of ritual and organic sounds. 

Alyona was born in Vitebsk, the hometown of Marc Chagall. It was great to grow and see the places that inspired him to create his metaphoric paintings. 

Sergey was born in Slutsk, where Belarusian national treasure Slutsk Belts were invented. So it was meant to be that the love for art and crafts is in our DNA. 

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We are proud to use the Belarusian linen in our products. 
Belarusian linen is much more environmentally friendly than other natural fabrics. It is appreciated all over the world for its quality. Belarusian linen fabrics are exported in more than 40 countries of the world and you can find products made from these fabrics in the collections of the most famous brands. 


In addition to linen we use recycled cotton sometimes.

It is really important to use only eco-friendly materials in our works.